by More Gorgeous

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Sophomore LP by Chicago-based postpunknoiserock power trio More Gorgeous.
CDs and digital downloads available August 7th, 2015.


released August 7, 2015

Written and performed by More Gorgeous.
Engineered by Don Bates @ Minbal Chicago.
Mastered by Bob Weston @ Chicago Mastering Service.



all rights reserved


More Gorgeous Chicago, Illinois

Clever, moody art-punks attempting to blend Killing Joke’s industrial goth stomp with Swervedriver’s dynamic shoegaze assault. They embrace jagged, damaged tones and textures without compromising their sophisticated pop sensibilities. The results are big, loud and tightly-wound noise-rock anthems. ... more


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Track Name: Oh Virginia
Do you remember when I came in through your window?
I hit my head and you just stood there akimbo
I was sure that that night was the night, though
Wore my only pair of underwear without a hole

Your walls were pink and that's no innuendo
I'm pretty sure that Korn was on the radio
I don't remember but there's one thing I do know
All day I dream about sex indeed

Like a freak on leash

Before I even put my head on your pillow
Your Dad burst in and told me that I should go
I grabbed my coat and made my way to the window
But your dear old Dad said I could use the door

Got in my car and was on my way back home
I'm pretty sure Sublime was on the radio
He died in '96 from an overdose
Now who gives a fuck about Sublime with Rome?

Lovin' ain't what I got

Now I don't practice Santeria and I ain't got no crystal ball

Oh Virginia, coulda been in ya
Track Name: Red Rover (Send Love Right Over)
Suede lady rubbed against the grain
Do you think that this is just a game?
You can't get back out the way you came

Maybe we could dance outside in the rain
I have never been one to abstain
Can you take the pleasure with the pain, baby?

Red rover send love right over

Times are tough since I lost my faith
Rock all night and party everyday
Better to burn out than fade away

Maybe we could play but the rules have changed
I can't hear a single word you say
I've got better things to do today, baby

Red rover send love right over

I finally found the true meaning of love
Are you ready for this 'cause it's gonna rock your world?
I finally know the meaning of life
Are you ready for this 'cause it's gonna blow your mind?
I finally found the secret to happiness
Are you ready for this 'cause it's not what you think it is?
I finally know why we were put on this Earth
Are you ready for this 'cause I'm not gonna tell you twice?
Track Name: Another Song About Isolation In the Digital Age
Innovation in masturbation
The whole world was at his fingertips while he cupped his balls
But he knew it wouldn't hurt at all
Isolation, no motivation
I heard they found a suicide note written in emoticons

Assimilation was not an option
Yesterday was his birthday and no one wrote on his wall
But he knew it wouldn't hurt at all
Isolation, no motivation
I heard they found a suicide note written in emoji

We don't care if you like the song as long as you like the page it's on
Track Name: Home Alone
Wipe that shit-eating grin off your face
Ain't nobody got time for Citizen Kane
We're watching Home Alone

Fuck The Godfather and Gone with the Wind
C'mon and sit your ass down 'cause it's time to begin
We're watching Home Alone

The best screenplay that John Hughes ever made
You can keep the change, you filthy animal

Don't tell me that Some Like it Hot
You're gonna watch what I tell you if you like it or not
We're watching Home Alone

No, the Star Wars don't do it for me
And Darth Vader's got nothing on Joe Pesci
We're watching Home Alone
Track Name: Time Guitar
Build a colony on Mars
Teleport to work or take a flying car
See a real-life dinosaur
Would that this guitar were a time guitar

Save your favorite movie star
Don't let Princess Diana get into that car
Give Jimi Hendrix C.P.R.
He's pretty good but he ain't got a time guitar

Meet Julius Caesar in ancient Rome
Talk to Alexander Graham Bell on the telephone
Invent punk rock before the Ramones
Would that this microphone were a time microphone

But you will always be alone
Never have a place or a friend to call your own
This is the saddest song you know
Sing along now into your time microphone

I had brunch with Frank Buckles in Nevada. It's a town in Missouri, not the Silver State. I couldn't tell you why they pronounce it that way. I flew there on the back of a cicada. After our meal, he told me he never killed a man and that's just as well. Some people say that war is Hell but I think Hell is Hell.

I woke up with Joe Rutherford in Versailles. I spent the night dreaming of whales. I mean the town in Missouri, not Versailles. I don't know why they pronounce it that way but he talked me into renewing my Watchtower subscription. They give it to you for free but I would gladly pay. He told me a whale in your dreams is a sign of faith and I told him to tell Jehovah to come over and take me away.
Track Name: Modern American Nihilist
This is the sound of a shot in the dark
This is the sound of a walk through the park
This is the sound of a merry-go-round
This is the sound of your dog in the pound

This is the sound of the face you made
That time the face you made me want to break your face

This is the sound of the lost and the found
This is the sound of a man about town
His parents must be proud


These are the hands of a man with a plan
These are the feet on the street with a beat
This is the face of first place in the race
This is a soul full of holes, black as coal

This is a cock that can walk
Don't you mock my big cock or I'll use it to knock your block off

These are the lies you told time and again
These are the fevered dreams of a mad, mad man
And his adoring fans

I don't speak from experience
I'm just the voice of a generation
Don't you know if you're having fun
That just means that you're doing it wrong?
Track Name: Blame
No blood for oil unless it's foreign soil
My gun is my divining rod
Like lambs to the slaughter they tried to walk on water
Were sunk by my Christian God

We're a faux-progressive nation steeped in militarism
This land was made for you and me
Said no to taxation without representation
And yes to owning human beings

Blame us
Blame America
America first

This land is your land, if it's the land that you were born in
As long as you don't have red skin then we don't care
This land is your land, if it's the land that you were born in
As long as you don't have brown skin then you can share the

Blame us
Blame America, land that I love
Land where my fathers died
Land of the pilgrim's pride
God bless the stars and stripes
Let's drop a bomb tonight

We're coming to your town
We're gonna burn it down
Who needs diplomacy?
We've got democracy

You know you want it
Track Name: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love No One
Hey you, put down that guitar
And admit that you will never be a star
(You'll never be a star, you'll never be a star)
You were never very good in the first place
And I think we know you're too old anyway
(You're too old anyway, listen to what I say)

Planets in the sky exploding
Shadows in the night following me
Magic in my life eroding
I just wanna die so kill me please

Consider the futility of it all
And I swear you're gonna feel so small
(You're gonna feel so small, you're gonna feel so small)
Now I think you're ready to give up
But first you have to kill everything you love
(Kill everything you love, because you've had enough)

No kids, no wife, no friends, no life
No work, no play, no will, no way
No school, no job, no name, no god
No eat, no sleep, someone kill me please

(I hate my life, I want to die)